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Virginia Beach Flower Delivery on Sundays

Norfolk Florist Delivering Flowers on Sundays

Sunday Flower Delivery in Virginia Beach Sunday Flower Delivery in Virginia Beach - Jul 8, 2024 Norfolk Florist in Virginia Beach, VA will start offering Sunday flower delivery on a regular basis with the first open Sunday being Jul 14, 2024. We are so excited to begin offering this service as well as walk-in services like wrapp... Continue Reading

July 08, 2024

AuthorBy: Samantha Welzbacher

Photo of what the customer selected and purchased from our site and a photo of what they received from two different angles.

Norfolk Florist Delivery - Bright Colors Floral

Norfolk Florist Delivery Bright Colors Floral Arrangement Real Delivery, Real Happy Customer - Jul 2, 2024 We spoke to this wonderful customer who ordered our Bright Colors Floral arrangement and requested that we make no substitutions on her order. She had done her research and wanted this exact product, so we let her know w... Continue Reading

July 02, 2024

AuthorBy: Samantha Welzbacher

Virginia Beach Florist - June 13th, 2024

Happy Birthday Flowers in Virginia Beach - June 13th, 2024 Oh boy, our Virginia Beach florist got a call for birthday flowers for twins! The arrangements needed to be the same... but different?I think the team at Norfolk Florist nailed it! We used delphinium in both arrangements as our line flower (tall blue flowers) and used w... Continue Reading

June 14, 2024

AuthorBy: Kyle Brown

Happy Birthday Flowers in Virginia Beach - June 11th, 2024

Happy Birthday Flowers in Virginia Beach - June 11th, 2024 One of the biggest challenges florists face is becoming a meme on Expectation Vs Reality! It takes a stellar florist with a large inventory to make sure they can deliver flowers that look exactly like the picture they purcahsed from their florist's website. At Norfolk F... Continue Reading

June 11, 2024

AuthorBy: Kyle Brown

A colorful rose arrangement including yellow roses, orange roses, red roses, hot pink roses, and light pink roses with accent foliage and pink waxflower.

Get Well Delivery Gifts Same Day Virginia Beach VA

  Norfolk Florist has many options available for get well deliveries all over Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the surrounding areas. Norfolk Florist proudly provides get well deliveries all over Virginia Beach to residential addresses, a business when they’re back at work, or to any nursing home. We are frequently visiti... Continue Reading

November 08, 2022

AuthorBy: Samantha Welzbacher

A group of bridesmaids dressed in bright red holding bouquets of red, hot pink, and white with the bride. A table centerpiece designed in fall tones of orange.

Best Fall Flowers for Weddings 2022

First, I’d have to say roses. Roses are a year round staple for weddings. They’re known for their versatility as well as consistency in holding up when designed in water or out of water, like in a boutonniere design. Roses are reliable in both their sizing, quality, and longevity which makes them a no brainer option ... Continue Reading

October 25, 2022

AuthorBy: Samantha Welzbacher

A bucket full of pale pink peonies and one dark burgundy peony.

Peonies Near Me - Virginia Beach, VA

Peonies in Virginia Beach Peonies in Virginia Beach - October 2, 2022 Ahh, the peony! A stunning combination of fluffy and large bloomed, with tons of petals and a punch of fragrance, the peony flower is a popular one amongst flower lovers everywhere! We hear this question over the phone, via chat, and in our shops year round, b... Continue Reading

October 03, 2022

AuthorBy: Samantha Welzbacher

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