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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Flower Delivery Virginia Beach


Is your Virginia Beach flower delivery going to be fresh and last?

Norfolk Florist is able to buy our flowers directly from the farms, so we are thrilled with the quality and variety we are able to provide to our Virginia Beach and Norfolk flower delivery customers! We provide a 7-day replacement guarantee, so if you do have any quality issues with your flowers, please let us know! We’ll accept the original delivery as a return and provide a fully fresh replacement bouquet for you to enjoy.



How do I know if my Virginia Beach flowers have been delivered already?

Our delivery team routes each of our orders for efficiency to provide the best possible experience for each of our same day flower delivery customers. Once the driver inputs the delivery information into their app, you should receive an email delivery confirmation generated from our system. Sometimes, if cell phone reception/connectivity is bad, the driver will update them when they return from the entire route. In these cases, your email confirmation will be delayed, but they’ll update it with the accurate delivery time.



What happens if my recipient isn’t available for delivery?

If nobody is home or if your recipient has stepped away from their desk at work, our delivery drivers will first attempt to contact them to ask for their preferred way to proceed. Sometimes, this is instructions to leave it on the porch or at their neighbor’s home. Other times, a recipient may ask us to leave it with their office mate or the front desk and they’ll pick it up shortly. If the recipient is not answering calls or texts, we’ll reach out to the sender to see how they’d like us to proceed. If weather is aimable to flowers, we can absolutely leave the delivery on a porch to surprise them when they arrive home.



What if you don’t have the exact flowers in the picture I ordered?

What if you don’t have the exact flowers in the picture I ordered? Since fresh flowers are a natural product and have weather, air transportation, ground transportation, and care and handling to contend with, we sometimes will not have every flower in stock or in its prime condition. When this happens, our design team will make the best possible substitution choice they can make with what is available. Their goal is always to provide the same overall look and feel within the bouquet that you ordered and chose to send. If the substitution is going to be a little off and change the overall look and feel, you can bet you’ll be getting an upgraded flower to make sure that your flowers still WOW!



How Do I Make My Flowers Last Longer?

Flowers last the longest when kept in a cool environment, given fresh water daily, and the stems are recut daily to ensure they have the best opportunity to take in water. Washing your vase will also help cut down on bacteria and decay that will cause your vase life to shorten.



Can I Request A Flower Delivery At A Specific Time??

We’re more than happy to help with any specific request, please reach out in chat, via phone, or by email if you have a very specific time request so that we can verify if we’re able to accommodate and give you a price for that timed delivery request.



How Do I Make My Flowers Last Longer?

We want you to enjoy your fresh flowers for as long as you can, changing the water everyday will extend the longevity of your arrangement. Cutting the stems before adding them to the freshwater, will maximize the longevity of your flowers as well.



Can you deliver on base?

At this time, we do not have any employees with military credentials to be able to access the base for delivery. We do work with the base for their own orders, and they choose to pick up at our Virginia Beach location and bring orders into the base themselves.