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Posted by sbikos on March 16, 2015 St. Patrick's Day

What Gifts to Send for St. Patrick’s Day

social copyThe modern St. Patrick’s Day comes from the religious holiday known as the Feast of Saint Patrick. Occurring on the 17th of March, the holiday celebrates the life of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Since March 17 is the recognized day of death for Saint Patrick, this is the day he is celebrated all around the world.

History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was made an official feast day of the Catholic, Anglican, eastern Orthodox and Lutheran churches in the early 1600s. The celebration celebrated not only Saint Patrick, but also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Over the centuries it has grown into a celebration of the history, heritage and culture of the Irish people all around the world. Today, both in Ireland and elsewhere, people who have Irish roots come together to celebrate their heritage in festival, song and food on March 17.

The Symbols of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Basket

St. Patrick’s Day Basket

St. Patrick’s Day is full of symbolism. Public parades and festivals are common throughout the country, and most people will don something green to commemorate the day. Shamrocks, which grow well in Ireland, are a common decoration. Church services in some denominations are also common, and for those who observe Lenten, the eating restrictions are lifted for the day, allowing them to consume alcohol and feast on corn beef and other Irish meats.

Giving Gifts on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day may not be a holiday steeped in gift giving tradition, but that does not mean someone won’t appreciate a gift on this holiday. In fact, if you have an Irish friend or family member, you can show your love and support with a gift on this important holiday. Also, if you are going to a St. Patrick’s Day party, a gift for the hostess is most appropriate.

Because St. Patrick’s Day is all about green, plants and floral arrangements make a great choice. Norfolk Florist has a selection of St. Patrick’s Day themed arrangements with beautiful green foliage and delicate white blossoms. The St. Patty’s Day Bouquet is particularly popular. Alcohol consumption is common on St. Patrick’s Day, so consider giving a bottle of good quality wine to accompany your floral gift.

As you consider your gift choices this St. Patrick’s Day, remember to consider Norfolk Florist. With our beautiful arrangements, your gift can be the highlight of the festivities.


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