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Posted by Norfolk Florist on November 11, 2018 Flowers Thanksgiving

We’re Thankful For: Miss Evelyn

We’re taking a minute today to show our gratitude to one of our most beloved team members here at Norfolk Florist: Miss Evelyn. Why are we so thankful for her, you ask? Let us count the ways.

Not only does she have a substantial background in the floral industry, but she’s the model of how to be a team player. She helps both the other designers and assists on the customer service end, which makes her a multi-tasker like no other. We always know we can count on Miss Evelyn, no matter what may arise. To top it all off, she has a fun, spunky personality that keeps things lively and entertaining.

If you too have a one-of-a-kind co-worker or employee, show them your thanks through flowers this November.

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