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Posted by Norfolk Florist on March 12, 2018 Flowers Uncategorized

Spring’s Lush Hydrangea

According to the calendar, spring starts on March 20. We can’t wait to feel those warm daytime spring temperatures and sleep with the windows open until the heat and humidity set in, and we crave air conditioning, but the weather is a fickle thing, and you should never discount the possibility of a late winter or pre-spring storm. Norfolk Florist encourages people in our community to fill their homes and workplaces with the spectacular colors and fragrances of cut flowers.

Even though spring bulbs are starting to peek through the soil after their long winter sleep, we still feel a chill in the air, and the best way to chase that cold away is by warming up our indoor spaces with flowers. Our Southern Hospitality design captures the feeling of an old-fashioned southern flower garden – like the ones that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had. We chose a bubble bowl and filled it with sprigs of curly willow to anchor the flowers in place. Then we selected the freshest hydrangeas in blue, green, and white, leaving some leaves on the stem to add contrast to the softer pale colors of the flowers.

Southern Hospitality Flower Bouquet

While we watch Mother Nature’s every move as we wait for Spring to arrive, we encourage you to infuse every area in your home, business, or office cubicle with the inviting fragrance and warm colors of fresh seasonal flowers. Our creative Norfolk Florist floral design team will help you select one of our existing arrangements or customize a bouquet for any space you want to fill with fresh cut flowers.


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