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Posted by Norfolk Florist on April 9, 2018 Admin Prof Day Flowers Holiday Plants

Shining a Light on Sad Desktops Everywhere

At Norfolk Florist, our professional floral designers are excited to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day by raising desktop awareness throughout the month of April. A well-appointed work environment can do wonders for a team’s morale and productivity. Thanks to an innate human condition called biophilia (the love of nature), enhancing your office environment is easy with the introduction of plants. Adding foliage to the workplace will not only look nice, but has also been shown to reduce stress, boost creativity and improve health while also cleaning the air.

Whether you select a variety plants like the hardy greenery found in a lush desktop garden or introduce splashes of color with the exotic blossoms of tropical orchids, plants of any variety will brighten, warm and revitalize your office’s work atmosphere, energizing employees and improving focus.

Shine a light on sad desktops and raise desktop awareness in your office while celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 25th with potted plants and floral arrangements. No matter your office’s existing decor, layout, natural sunlight and ability to care for plants, our professional florists at Norfolk Florist can help you select a variety of plants and floral arrangements that will thrive in your workplace, while also making it a better place to work.

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