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Send Cheerful, Meaningful Get-Well Flowers Every Time

When someone you love is hospitalized, you want to help in any way you can. Sending messages of love, encouragement and happy thoughts is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them. Sending flowers will cheer their spirits. Flowers are proven to boost moods and to encourage healing. Plus they’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. But how do you choose the best get-well flowers? 

Experts at Norfolk Florist will be happy to help you choose the best flowers, plus we’ll help you navigate hospital policies about flowers. We will also show you some of the more popular meanings of get-well flowers. Take a look at our guide before sending your get-well flowers to the hospital the next time someone you know and love is sick.

Tips for Sending Get-Well Flowers to the Hospital

While it’s a great idea to send flowers to cheer someone up, it’s also important to understand a few things before sending flowers to the hospital. Take a look at these tips as you choose your next get-well bouquet.

  1. Choose flowers that are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Flowers that are long-lasting and low-maintenance will still be around when your patient is discharged, plus your loved one will also be able to focus their time and energy on healing as they enjoy their flowers. Some of our favorite long-lasting blooms are alstroemeria, like in our Alstroemeria in Bloom Bouquet
  2. Choose flowers that are allergy-free. Make sure you don’t irritate your patient, hospital staff and medical personnel with overly perfumed flowers. Opt for hypoallergenic blooms instead to help keep allergens at day.
  3. Choose flowers that are bright and happy. Cheerful, colorful blooms will dress up any drab hospital room, making it a more pleasant environment for recovery. They will also be likely to boost your recipient’s spirits, encouraging them on to wellness. Our Just Daisy Bouquet, full of Gerbera daisies, is one of our favorites!
  4. Choose flowers that come in durable containers. Fragile, glass vases are beautiful but they can often be a hazard in a busy hospital room. Instead, choose plastic, wood or basket containers that can handle being moved or bumped around.
  5. Choose flowers in smaller arrangements. Instead of overwhelming a tight, cramped hospital room with a larger arrangement, opt for a compact design that will not interfere with medical equipment or the doctors and nurses.

Alstroemeria in Bloom Bouquet

Just Daisies Bouquet

Tips For Choosing Symbolic, Meaningful Get-Well Flowers

Flowers carry with them specific meanings. Choose a variety and color that represents exactly what you’d like to say to your loved one as you wish them well. Here is a list of some popular get-well flowers and the meanings they symbolize. Find several of these varieties in our Basket of Cheer Bouquet

  • Chrysanthemums: Full of bright colors and rich textures, these flowers often symbolize optimism, joy, and long life. 
  • Lilies: Colorful, trumpet-shaped blooms announce tidings of long life and good fortune. 
  • Sunflowers: Bright yellow petals surround a large brown face, bringing messages of sunshine, hope, and joy.
  • Carnations: Frilly petals that come in every hue imaginable represent thoughts of a bright future and good luck. 
  • Roses: Beautiful smooth petals in any color can symbolize anything from love and devotion to joy and hope. 
  • Heather: Deep blue or purple bell-shaped blooms on a stalk symbolize good luck and protection. 

Basket of Cheer Bouquet

Once you’ve decided on the perfect bouquet of flowers that can be the ideal meaning to your patient, there just a few more things to know. Be sure to talk to the hospital before sending flowers. Ask about delivery times and whether or not flowers are acceptable on your patient’s floor (ICU areas, for instance, may not allow flowers- opt for balloon bouquets instead).

When talking to your florist and placing your order, be sure to give them the hospital’s full name and address along with your patient’s full name and room number. The floral designers at Norfolk Florist will take it from there. We will be happy to deliver your unique, personalized get-well flowers to your friend or loved one in a timely efficient manner.

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