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Posted by Norfolk Florist on November 17, 2017 Christmas corporate gifts

Office Decor with Holiday Spirit











It’s time to deck those workplace halls again, so gather your coworkers and colleagues, resurrect those boxes of decor from the back office and start hanging the holiday cheer!

Norfolk Florist loves this season for its rich, layered colors and textures. Our arrangements and designs follow suit, lush with winter blooms and greens as well as other organic accents. The holidays are all about appealing to the senses, and it’s often the workplace that can benefit from that trend the most. Along with putting up your cherished holiday decor, make sure you and your team are picking up some fresh blooms, too.

Give yourselves the gift of a floral arrangement. Plants and flowers clean the office air and boost morale. During the holidays, they can also be a visual feast, adding color and life to the workplace. Select something special and place it on the front desk or other point of entry or common area. That way everyone from you and your coworkers to your boss, customers and clients can enjoy it. Take ourĀ Ever Red Velvet, for instance.A simple arrangement of rich roses, evergreen and pods with accents of velvet ribbon.

See what we mean by appealing to the senses? This design is laden with the best greens of the season, into which are nestled pods, roses and berries. Held together with a velvet bow, this piece could work at the reception desk or smack dab in the middle of the conference room table.

Fresh flowers are a lovely ode to the holidays, truly capturing the mood. Make sure you don’t forget to sprinkle your workplace with some spirited arrangements this year.

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