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Posted by Norfolk Florist on March 14, 2016 Easter

Norfolk Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersThere is nothing quite like the first day of spring – it is a feast for the senses. The slight tinge of warmth in the air makes us shed our jackets; the breeze smells clean and new; and nature erupts in color everywhere you look. The very first flower to make an appearance is often the crocus, poking up from the ground with purple, gold or white splendor. Even if snow has not left the ground, the ever-hopeful crocus still pushes through. Daffodils are also early arrivals, and their vibrant yellow blooms are truly representative of the spring days ahead.


Easter takes place early this year as well; occurring on March 27. The Easter holiday has two distinct avenues of celebration. In the Christian tradition, Easter is the most sacred day on the calendar, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter lily is a spectacular bloom that is closely associated with the religious symbolism; it is used to decorate most churches and worship services, and is also a very popular gift. But if you do not observe the spiritual side of Easter, flowers still play a large part in the holiday. Spring florals such as roses, daisies, hydrangea and hyacinth make gorgeous bouquets that exude spring emotions and sentiments.

easter flowers

Whether you celebrate in church, run with the kids at an Easter egg hunt, or spend the evening around a holiday meal with family and friends; the sights and sounds of Easter are memorable and unique. This year, consider how flowers can accentuate all aspects of your Easter celebrations – then call Norfolk Florist and let our floral experts create a striking and eye-catching arrangement to celebrate the season.

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