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Our Mom And Flower Expert Talks The Perfect Flowers For Mom

Norfolk Florist asked one of our resident mom and flower experts to weigh in on the mother of all days. In honor of Mother’s Day May 13th, read what one of our own had to say about kids and flowers.

Name: Candy Crandall

Kids first names & ages: Zachary, 17, Michael, 14, and Monica, 12

How did you get into floral work?

Since my husband is active duty military, I was a homemaker for many years.  As all of my children got older, I wanted a career for myself that I was going to enjoy. I was trying to figure out what that would be for several months. Finally it hit me when I was working in my garden—floral design! I have always loved gardens and flowers. I started doing research online and found a school that had an at-home program. Once I completed my basic floral design certificate. I applied to be a temp for Norfolk Florist. I was hired into the company and have been working ever since!

What do you love most about working with flowers?

There is so much to love with flowers. I think the best part is creating a one-of-a-kind arrangement from a vision or style that a customer wants. Then taking that and giving them an arrangement that they love.

Favorite flower?

Oh yes! Orchids. I love all kinds of orchids. They are on a long stem with many florets that really add height and fun to arrangements.

If you design, do you have a signature style? Are you known for any specific approach or preference?

I haven’t found “my signature style yet”.  However, I love creating linear designs with lots of texture. I also love to use branches or decorative wires to create interest in my designs.

What do you love most about being a mom?

For me it’s about watching my children grow over the years. To see each of them grow into their own person and have their personalities.

What do your kids think about what you do? Are they into flowers?

My children really support my career. They have seen me work very hard to complete my education and find a position with a florist. I think they can really understand why I have always told them that I want them to have a career that they love, not just a job. Since I have been able to find that my own, it shows them that they can, too. My daughter is really about art. She would work on projects alongside me as I did my homework. It was so much fun having her part of my career choice. Now she still loves mom making flowers for her, but her talent is in other forms of art.

What flowers or flower design do moms really want for Mother’s Day, from your point of view?

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating and appreciating moms. We work so hard in areas of our lives, especially being a mother. Being a mother is a never-ending role, even after our children are adults. We spend so much time focusing on our children that we don’t take enough time for us. So for Mother’s Day, give moms something that is about them. Show her that you know something special about her. This might be a vase of flowers that has her favorite color or her favorite flower or an arrangement that represents her personality. It’s the little things like that show moms that our children and husbands see us as a person too and not just mom

Speaking as both a mom and a flower expert? If you could pick one design from your selection to receive yourself, which would it be?

The Burgundy Blush. It doesn’t have my orchids, but I love the color palate of using tints, tones and shades of red.  With the huge variety of flowers the texture is amazing. And that I love!


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