Homecoming Flowers: All You Need to Know

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For graduates, homecoming marks a time for reunion and nostalgia, but for students, homecoming is a fun-filled week of celebrations, school spirit, sports, and of course the homecoming dance. Customarily exchanged by dates, boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets should be ordered well in advance to ensure the prettiest blooms and freshest flowers. At Norfolk Florist, we have a large selection of corsage and boutonniere designs to match every gown, suit, tie, and personality, but you should know a few things before choosing flowers for your date.

For the Gals: When you arrive to pick up or meet your beautiful homecoming dance date, you should have a corsage in hand to slide onto her wrist or pin on her dress. Before ordering your corsage, ask your date what color of gown she plans to wear and if she has a preference between a wrist corsage or a pin corsage. When it comes to the corsage, do not worry about surprising her too much; she will be expecting one to wear and will prefer that its color complements her gown and that she can wear it comfortably. If you are not certain what type of corsage will be best, our florist will help you choose a corsage that will look nice no matter what she wears. You can add your own personal touch to surprise her by asking our florist to add special embellishments like ribbon, lace, rhinestones, or pearls to enchant her.

If you really want to impress your date, in addition to her corsage bring her a bouquet of flowers or a single rose in a vase. If you are going for romance, think red roses, which symbolize love and passion. If you just want to have a good time with a friend, consider these wacky rainbow roses, which will go well with your date’s fun personality.

For the Guys: When it comes to finding a boutonniere for your date, the guys prove much simpler to shop for. Boutonnieres usually consist of a single rose, bud, or other flower with very simple embellishments added. Designed to pin on the lapel of your date’s jacket, be ready with steady hands when he arrives; you do not want to poke him with the needle. Though boutonnieres are less complex than corsages, you will still want to order yours well in advance to make sure it is ready on time for your big night.

We want to make sure your homecoming is one you will not easily forget. So, let us worry about the flowers, while you dance the night away.



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