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Posted by Norfolk Florist on February 28, 2017 Flowers St. Patrick's Day

Green Flowers and Plants for St. Patrick’s Day

green flowers

St. Patrick’s Day began as a Roman Catholic feast day, honoring the patron saint of Ireland. Although Patrick was not Irish, he was a missionary to the country and beloved among the Irish people. There are many traditions and customs that surround this holiday, but the most obvious of the symbols is the color green – it appears everywhere on March 17th, from green attire to green beer to green decor! If you are looking for the most beautiful florals to adorn your home and office on St. Patrick’s Day, you need only look to Norfolk Florist.

Which flowers are most popular when creating Saint Patrick’s floral designs? 

Green carnations are among the most common for St. Patrick’s Day bouquets, but there are many other striking choices that are both unique and beautiful. Green roses, day lilies, and cymbidium orchids are exotic and sophisticated, green Fuji mums are tropical and fun, and the aptly-named Bells of Ireland are dramatic and bold. If you’d like to make the day a little more festive for your Gaelic family and friends, call our designers and let’s create something Irish!

The term “the luck of the Irish” is tied to the legendary 4-leaf clover because although the plant is very real, you will need some luck to find one. In a field of clover, there are 10,000 three-leaf stems for every one of the four-leaf variety.  St. Patrick used the common shamrock to teach Irish children about the doctrine of the Trinity, and bringing home a shamrock plant from Norfolk Florist is a lasting reminder of your Irish heritage.
green flowers

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so put on your best green clothing and settle in to watch the parade! And don’t forget to paint the town green on March 17th, with beautiful flowers and plants from Norfolk Florist. 

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