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Flowers and Relaxation on Labor Day, The Perfect Flowers to Buy

back to school flowersAs the traditional close of summer, Labor Day represents a time when kids go back to school, the days get a little shorter, and we start thinking about gorgeous fall leaves, jackets, and putting the sandals away for the year. Celebrate the close of summer and the unofficial arrival of the fall with a beautiful flower arrangement.

As a holiday that celebrates and honors the dedication of working people, Labor Day is a time when many friends and families gather together for a send-off of summer with picnics, barbecues, and gatherings as the summer draws to a close. Add beauty to your holiday event with a bouquet or basket of Labor Day flowers.

White After Labor Day

You might have heard the adage that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, so why not celebrate the close of summer with a peaceful white flower garden? Imagine relaxing with friends on Labor Day weekend accompanied by delicate wicker basket of lilies, snapdragons, and pixie carnations. Beautiful!

Celebrate the Return of School

The return of school, pencils, books, and getting up early is a tradition every student faces at the close of summer, and a gift of flowers is a lovely send off for the summer. Whether your student is at college or just entering first grade, flowers are an easy way to start the new school year with a smile.

You might choose back to school flowers based upon the colors of your child’s school athletic teams. For example, if the school colors are yellow and green, a vase of happy sunflowers and lush green ferns would be lovely.

Picnics, Barbecues, & Parties

If you have plans to host a Labor Day party for your friends and neighbors or are invited to a friend’s celebration, you’ll want to choose some flowers for the event. Bright flowers that pay homage to the swiftly departing summer are a beautiful choice, as are flowers in the vibrant hues of autumn.

For a Weekend Away

Labor Day is the perfect time to spend a weekend away with your significant other, and flowers are a lovely way to show your affection. You’ll enjoy getting to choose the perfect romantic flowers for your weekend of romance, fun, or adventure.

Whether you’re headed off for a romantic weekend or are just going down the street to a friend’s Labor Day barbecue, make the event special with beautiful flowers.

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