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Posted by Norfolk Florist on August 1, 2014 General

Flowers, The Perfect Gift at a Summer Picnic

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to take along to a summer picnic, let us help you create a stunning floral arrangement. There’s nothing like a bright bouquet to let your hosts know that you’re thinking of them. Before you place an order, take a look at some of the beautiful summer flowers we have to offer!

Bring Some Bright Sunflowers

Few flowers evoke the essence of summer like sunflowers. In the wild, these bold blooms turn to capture the sun’s rays as it travels through the sky. Adding warmth and cheer to any setting, sunflowers are perfect for picnics and other summertime gatherings.

You can also take the traditional sunflower theme in a new direction by selecting a mixed bouquet. Give the “Bright Days Bud Vase” or the “Sunshine Floral Bouquet” as a token of your appreciation.

Daisies Make a Perfect Picnic

A symbol of purity and hope, daisies are a great way to show your host how much you care. These white daisies speak of warm summer breezes over the countryside, while bright yellow daisies in a wicker basket will make a charming centerpiece for a picnic table.

If bold colors are more to your tastes, consider an arrangement of gerbera daisies. These flowers come in almost any color under the sun – from white and pastel colors, to hot pink, bright orange and deep red.

The Shades of Summer Roses

Roses are always a hit! In the summertime, traditional rose colors include bright yellows and fiery oranges. Wow your host with the “Everything’s Roses” bouquet. Not only will it bring good cheer to the picnic, but you’ll be giving a gift that your host can keep enjoying long after the festivities are over!

For a unique twist, consider giving a gift of rainbow roses. These attention-grabbing blooms are so fascinatingly beautiful that they will be the talk of the picnic!

Give Your Host a Taste of the Tropics

What picnic doesn’t need a touch of tropical fun? This blend of purple orchids and Birds of Paradise will be the life of the luau. The “Wakiki” arrangement – a mix of sunny roses, orange lilies and Birds of Paradise – is another great choice to liven up the party.

When you need a gift to take to a picnic or any other event, Norfolk Florist is happy to help! You can order online for fast delivery, or stop in at one of our many locations to get a first-hand look at fresh, in-season flowers.

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