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Posted by Norfolk Florist on November 3, 2014 General

Flowers You Should Give on Veteran’s Day

A holiday in the United States, Veterans Day is set aside to honor and commemorate all veterans who have served in the United States’ military, unlike Memorial Day which honors only veterans who have passed on. Celebrated November 11th, Veterans Day also commemorates the end of World War I, which officially ended in 1918 on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. This Veterans Day, honor those who have served our country with sympathy flowers, memorial flowers, or a bouquet of thank you flowers from Norfolk Florist for the veterans who have touched your life.

thumbnail-2On Veterans Day, you can honor veterans who have passed and show their families your appreciation with a beautiful bouquet of sympathy flowers, given in honor of their loved one. The traditional color symbolizing sympathy and remembrance is white. An arrangement like our Peaceful White Flower Garden will give the gift of sympathy and remembrance. Any modestly beautiful flower arrangement will work, however, and be appreciated. For example, you can give a veteran’s family your thoughts and prayers with this bouquet of white and purple blooms. Other memorial bouquets incorporating color include the Sweet Sentiment Bouquet which features pink hues, white, and deep lavender, and the Bereavement Basket which includes red roses, lavender daisies, pink carnations, and white lilies.

If you wish to adorn the grave of a veteran, a patriotic bouquet of red, white, and blue blooms is appropriate placed as a memorial. Graveside, either an arrangement or a memorial wreath will show your appreciation on Veterans Day. Wreaths like our All American Tribute WreathGrateful Tribute Wreath, and our Treasured Tribute Wreath all appropriately honor a fallen veteran. For a Christian veteran, the Patriotic Cross Arrangement, featuring white chrysanthemums, red roses, and blue delphinium, will beautifully commemorate your loved one and his or her service.

largeMost importantly, this Veterans Day, do not forget to honor the living veterans in your life, thanking them for their years of service with a beautiful, cheerful bouquet of their favorite flowers or patriotic flowers. The Stars and Stripes bouquet is the perfect arrangement to thank a veteran. It features a happy arrangement of red, white, and blue blooms adorned with a ribbon of stars and stripes. We also have a wide variety of thank you bouquets and gifts available for order. These include arrangements of sunflowersbright daisiesliliesroses, and other blooms.

Whatever flowers you choose to give this Veterans Day, they will be appreciated by all who receive them. For there is no greater gift than one can give, but the selfless gift of service to the country.