Decorating with Dahlias and Mums

By Norfolk Florist on October 20, 2017 in Fall, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

With its dizzying mix of colors and textures, Fall is a decorator’s dream. The cooler, shorter days and cozy nights we’re starting to get here in Norfolk encourage us to prepare our homes for the season. While you’re adding heavier, more luxe fabrics to the couches and tabletops and lining up the scented candles, don’t miss the chance to give your floral decor a Fall makeover, too. We at Norfolk Florist highly recommend decorating with dahlias and mums, the “It” flowers of Fall.

When you see them together in one arrangement it becomes obvious that chrysanthemums and dahlias are on the same family tree. But while mums can be upbeat and cheery, dahlias always deliver complexity, with their star-shaped layers unfolding for what seems like forever. In ourĀ Fall Meadow, mums crowd around daises and carnations in autumnal colors, giving this basket a lively and accessible vibe. It would look great out front near an entryway.

Whether you keep thisĀ Touch of Fall Basket for yourself to spruce up your home or have it gifted to somebody else as a Fall surprise, you can’t deny its seasonal beauty. In Fall, we can afford to get more intricate and textural in our floral arrangements, which is exactly what a flower like the dahlia brings in.

Rather than put the usual basket of golden mums on your front steps, put out something that incorporates them for color and interest alongside robust greens. Our Ceramic Fall Dish Garden can go inside or out (though you may want to keep it in for color as it gets less and less green out there). A variety of plants are foregrounded by a spray of bold, bright mums and tied off with a seasonal bow.

Decorating with dahlias and mums is a delight this season, or so we think here at Norfolk Florist.


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