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Posted by Norfolk Florist on May 26, 2017 Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day with Creative Gifts

celebrating Father's Day

There is no one quite as special as your Dad. And although there are thousands of fathers in the Norfolk area, on June 18 one is most important – yours! After all, there is no one quite as hard-working, smart, protective, handsome or funny as your father. Every Dad is different, and every dad is unique. That’s why we love celebrating Father’s Day here at Norfolk Florist.

Did You Know? The most commonly given gifts for this holiday are clothing, electronics, tools, and sporting goods. But since when is your Dad common? Browse our selection or visit our shop for the Father’s Day gifts that will catch his eye and his imagination – not to mention, be remembered! celebrating Father's Day

Your Dad has always taken care of you, so take care of him with one of our beautiful dish gardens, which feature lush green plants of many varieties. Green plants are known to cleanse the air, help people to breathe more easily, remove toxins and even reduce stress – turning this good gift into a “good for you” gift! He will enjoy these vibrant plants for months and years to come, and always be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

Here’s An Idea: Share your afternoon, and share a snack! Give Dad this Snack Food Basket and head out for an afternoon at the park or beach. You’ll have plenty to munch on, and probably much more to talk about. Turn an ordinary afternoon into a great opportunity to reconnect with these delicious snacks – celebrating Father’s Day never tasted so good. (If you prefer something more chocolate, or something more healthy, just stop by our site to browse.celebrating Father's Day

Veteran or active duty, show your Dad that you honor his service with this patriotic Father’s Day tribute. Red and white carnations are joined by statice and assorted greenery to show respect and esteem. celebrating Father's DaySometimes coming up with a great gift for him can be difficult, but not at Norfolk Florist. Let us know how we can help, and then relax and enjoy your day with the world’s best Dad.

Remember, we are happy to personally deliver throughout Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the rest of Hampton Roads.

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