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Celebrating Family Through Flowers

Each September, families gather together to celebrate the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family on Grandparents Day, the second Sunday of the month. This is a wonderful time set aside to honor grandparents, to give them an opportunity to show love to their children’s children, and to teach children about the strength, information and guidance older people can offer. Norfolk Florist suggests you bring the grandparents in your family an arrangement of gorgeous flowers to celebrate these special relationships.

Choose from any one of our amazing bouquets based on what you know about your grandparents’ favorite blooms. Which flowers evoke a special memory about your grandparents for you? Was your grandmother’s garden always full of roses? Maybe she often kept lilies in her home. Did they live near a field of daffodils? Choose a beautiful bouquet that’s meaningful to you and your grandparents to maintain a tradition or even start a new one!

Create a celebration to remember with flowers that remind grandparents of a special time or event in their history. The stories shared as a result will be priceless. Talk to the floral designers at Norfolk Florist about the best arrangements for you. We offer full delivery service with a smile every time.

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