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Thank Loved Ones On Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is usually associated with all things love and romance, think outside the box and consider giving a special gift of gratitude to other important individuals in your life. Your mom, for example, who has done so much for you over the years, means the world to you. Let her know how meaningful your relationship is. Send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Norfolk Florist at Valentine’s Day this year to show her your love and affection. Read More about Thank Loved Ones On Valentine’s Day »

Send a Special Message

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching it’s time to think about how you will let your special someone know how much you love them. This year, one of the best ways to communicate your exact feelings for someone is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that send a specific message. At Norfolk Florist, we are creating beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets with flowers like lilies and roses in shades of love: pinks, purples and, of course, reds. Choose a bouquet that will send a special message and let her know how special she is to you at Valentine’s Day this year. Read More about Send a Special Message »

Valentine’s Flowers That Really Pop

Red roses are Valentine's Day's "It" flower, this we know. But here at Norfolk Florist, we see no reason not to add every other gorgeous, romantic flower in the canon to the mix. After all, if the intention is to reach the fullest expression of our love in flower form, why wouldn't we use every bloom to our advantage? If you stick to one palette (red, pink), then you can create a design that will have all of the emotional impact of a vase of long-stemmed red roses. Read More about Valentine’s Flowers That Really Pop »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on January 29, 2018 Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Love for Everyone in Your Life

What comes to mind when you think of Valentine's Day? For many it is a day set aside for romance and passion, and certainly, that is true. However, millions of others across the country will actually use the day as an opportunity to tell a wide variety of people that they are greatly loved. Experts tell us that over 60% of us will not only purchase a gift for a sweetheart but also for a family member - and almost a quarter of us will share the love with a friend or coworker. So this Valentine's Day, who will you celebrate? Floral Trivia: Red roses are the most popular flower sold on February 14th, with pink and white roses being a distant second and third place. Mixed flowers of other types make up about one-third of Valentine's Day floral deliveries.  Read More about Valentine’s Love for Everyone in Your Life »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on January 17, 2017 Flowers Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Flowers from the Heart

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and hopeless romantics are getting ready for the biggest day of the year. Some may be at the very beginning of their journey, while others have been together for a lifetime - regardless, flowers are the indispensable and irreplaceable language of love. We simply cannot conceive of Valentine's Day without the beauty of floral bouquets and armloads of red long-stemmed roses. Norfolk Florist has been a part of love stories in this community for decades, and we look forward to being a part of your journey as well. Don't Let the Day Intimidate You - whether you are going on a first date or in a brand new relationship, Valentine's Day can seem to carry a lot of weight. Don't let it get to you - simply plan a fun date that is low-key and inexpensive. The perfect flowers to bring along? Roses, stargazer lilies, or daisies in pastels and fun colors that say "I really, really like you!" Read More about Valentine’s Day Flowers from the Heart »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on January 7, 2017 Flowers Roses Valentine's Day