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Show Mom She’s The Best

We are excited to honor some of the most special women in the world this month. May is full of spring bliss and Mother’s Day is right in the middle. Make sure you celebrate your mom and all the moms in your life this Mother’s Day. Sending gorgeous flowers in her favorite colors or varieties is a great start. The floral experts at Norfolk Florist have created a beautiful Mother’s Day collection of arrangements and bouquets specifically for moms to enjoy this year. Take a look at all of our beautiful Mother’s Day arrangements and choose something excellent for your mom. Read More about Show Mom She’s The Best »

Our Mom And Flower Expert Talks The Perfect Flowers For Mom

Norfolk Florist asked one of our resident mom and flower experts to weigh in on the mother of all days. In honor of Mother's Day May 13th, read what one of our own had to say about kids and flowers. Name: Candy Crandall Kids first names & ages: Zachary, 17, Michael, 14, and Monica, 12 How did you get into floral work? Since my husband is active duty military, I was a homemaker for many years.  As all of my children got older, I wanted a career for myself that I was going to enjoy. I was trying to figure out what that would be for several months. Finally it hit me when I was working in my garden---floral design! I have always loved gardens and flowers. I started doing research online and found a school that had an at-home program. Once I completed my basic floral design certificate. I applied to be a temp for Norfolk Florist. I was hired into the company and have been working ever since! Read More about Our Mom And Flower Expert Talks The Perfect Flowers For Mom »

Mother’s Day Gifts: Time & Flowers

When you look at the polls, the Number One gift given to moms on Mother's Day is flowers. And although we know how much mom loves receiving flowers - we see the excitement and the appreciation every day - we know that if we asked her, another gift might top her list. Because most moms would love to spend more time with their kids. This Mother's Day, we suggest combining these two gifts - spending a day with Mom at a place that is special to her, then giving her a floral arrangement of very special blooms from Norfolk Florist. We think Mom will be thrilled!  Read More about Mother’s Day Gifts: Time & Flowers »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on May 4, 2017 Mother's Day

Giving Mom the Gift of Flowers on Mother’s Day

There is no one on earth like your Mom. And although this role may have been filled by an adoptive mom, a stepmother, or a grandmother, the love they have shown towards us is certainly something to be celebrated. They are our staunchest allies, our loudest cheerleaders, and our best friends. We simply love the opportunity to give them honor - and on May 14, Mother's Day gives us the chance. Check out Norfolk Florist's Mother's Day collection, or give us a call to discuss a beautiful custom arrangement made up of her favorite flowers. But don't let this day go past without giving her the accolades she deserves. Read More about Giving Mom the Gift of Flowers on Mother’s Day »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on April 27, 2017 Flowers Mother's Day