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Spring Awakens to Easter Lilies

"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn." ~Lewis Grizzard As Easter approaches, we are excited about Easter bunnies bringing treat-filled baskets hunting pastel eggs. We also look forward to the flowers associated most with Easter including the Easter Lily, also known as the Peace Lily. As spring awakens to Easter lilies and other beautiful spring blooms, the floral designers at Norfolk Florist have some beautiful designs ready for you and are happy to share some of our amazing spring flowers with you this season. Read More about Spring Awakens to Easter Lilies »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on April 15, 2019 Easter Floral Design Flower Gifts Flowers Holiday Lilies Spring

Easter Flower Baskets & Floral Design

We have a lot of traditions on Easter. Some wake up early for a sunrise faith-based service, while others head out to the big Easter egg hunt. Many of us will eat chocolate, and many of us will get together for a huge meal that rivals Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Easter in many ways and observe many family customs, but nearly everyone includes flowers. After all, spring flowers represent new life and renewal, the major themes of this holiday. So whether to decorate your front porch or send good wishes to someone across the miles, don't forget the Easter flower designs and gifts from Norfolk Florist. Those Poor Bunnies: Americans will eat over 90 million chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday - and an overwhelming 76% of us eat the ears first!  Read More about Easter Flower Baskets & Floral Design »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on March 20, 2017 | Last Updated: March 21, 2017 Easter Floral Design Flowers