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Shining a Light on Sad Desktops Everywhere

At Norfolk Florist, our professional floral designers are excited to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day by raising desktop awareness throughout the month of April. A well-appointed work environment can do wonders for a team's morale and productivity. Thanks to an innate human condition called biophilia (the love of nature), enhancing your office environment is easy with the introduction of plants. Adding foliage to the workplace will not only look nice, but has also been shown to reduce stress, boost creativity and improve health while also cleaning the air. Read More about Shining a Light on Sad Desktops Everywhere »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on April 9, 2018 Admin Prof Day Flowers Holiday Plants

Desktop Florals & Gifts for Administrative Professionals

How do you show your appreciation? Research proves that the more that a company's employees are recognized for their dedication to their job, the more motivated they are to be productive and to positively contribute. The results are compelling - team members who are commended for their hard work have higher morale, are less likely to call in sick or use personal days, and more likely to commit to the company over the long term. In other words, your team members become even more valuable assets to your organization when you create a culture of appreciation. Administrative Professionals Week is a yearly opportunity to officially recognize those whose work is instrumental in the success of your business every day. Norfolk Florist is happy to assist - choose from our collection of floral designs, plants, and gifts to convey your gratitude in just the right way!  Read More about Desktop Florals & Gifts for Administrative Professionals »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: April 2, 2017 Admin Prof Day Flowers Plants