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Come Together For The Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July on the horizon and we love to come together with family and friends to remember our great nation. We celebrate our freedom and independence together with those we love. A great accent to these festivities is a beautiful floral design of dazzling flowers. The floral experts at Norfolk Florist are creating some beautiful patriotic designs that will go perfectly with any Fourth of July celebration this year. So, take a look at our wide array of choices. Read More about Come Together For The Fourth of July »

Enjoy the Freshness of an English Garden This Summer

Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to get people together. The longer days in warmer weather are simply begging for friends and family to come out and sit a while. Invite friends over to hang out on your porch, around the barbecue or fire pit, or simply take some time to visit. It is always appropriate make sure your porch or outdoor dining area are summer ready with some gorgeous summer flowers. The floral experts at Norfolk Florist have created some amazing summer designs. Take a look at all of our summer showcase offerings and choose something perfect for your next outdoor get together. Read More about Enjoy the Freshness of an English Garden This Summer »

White Floral Decor That Works All Year Long

There's absolutely no reason not to enjoy some gorgeous white flowers after Labor Day, so forget what you've heard about retiring that color for winter. Norfolk Florist thinks that not only should you keep this serene palette in your wardrobe year round, but you should also introduce its clean, crisp tones to your home space to give a feeling of lightness. Classic and yet also modern, white decor has no particular season and always seems appropriate, whether its the holidays or the hottest month on the calendar. Read More about White Floral Decor That Works All Year Long »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on August 20, 2018 Flowers Summer

Gardens, Bees & Flowers

A farm-fresh garden is one of the most beautiful natural resources we have that we are able to create ourselves. If you have even a bit of backyard or outdoor patio space, you can develop a healthy, thriving garden that brings joy to all who spend time there. Remove harmful pesticides and include plants and blooms that will attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, encouraging these industrious creatures to visit regularly. The floral specialists at Norfolk Florist are excited to help you create a healthy, natural space that creates a balance in the ecosystem. Read More about Gardens, Bees & Flowers »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer

Family Room Flowers

In your home, the family room is a cheerful space that has a comfortable feel to it. It’s a space for relaxing and enjoying time together. Make this space as warm and inviting as possible with a happy bouquet of flowers that reflects the style and personality of your family room, and your family! The floral experts at Norfolk Florist are ready to help you choose the best flowers for the space you and your family share most. Read More about Family Room Flowers »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer

Bring A Bit Of Paradise Into Your Home

Remember that amazing trip to the islands? Maybe it was a few months ago, maybe several years ago, but the laid-back, refreshing vibe you found there has stayed with you. While you may not be able to return whenever you want to, you can revive that feeling of being footloose and fancy-free with a bouquet of tropical island flowers like the ones you certainly encountered while you were there. Norfolk Florist has a vast array of exotic blooms and arrangements straight from the islands that will help you escape for a bit, if only in your imagination. Read More about Bring A Bit Of Paradise Into Your Home »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on July 2, 2018 Flowers Summer

Fun Flower Pairings For Summertime Entertaining

While fine dining and entertaining can often be a formal affair, when summer comes around, we often begin to create a more relaxed mood around the dinner table. Menus begin to include lighter fare, heavy linens are exchanged for softer textures, and colors become brighter and more festive. Matching the essence of the season has never been simpler with the help of the creative minds at Norfolk Florist. Our floral experts design fabulous pieces for all occasions and seasons, and in summer, that means bold, fun colors! Read More about Fun Flower Pairings For Summertime Entertaining »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Win The Anniversary Game This Year

There are lots of June anniversaries, and that's because there are more marriages in June than any other month of the year. Norfolk Florist is therefore prepared---nay, thrilled---to help you with any and all anniversary flower-related challenges that may come up. For instance, we can tell you which flowers symbolize a particular anni year. We can tell you which convey romance and passion vs. warm affection and respect. We can customize the perfect arrangement for you that speaks to the unique personality of your love, or design something that will appeal specifically to your sweetheart. We are here to help you win the anniversary game this year. Let's get started. Read More about Win The Anniversary Game This Year »

The Flowers Of Early Summer

There are some flowers that, while available during other parts of the year, just make sense for summer. And then there are others that belong definitively to the warmer months, blooming then with abandon. It's this latter category that Norfolk Florist wants to peek ahead at, for no other reason than that we've got summer on our minds. We're steeped in spring and enjoying every last aspect of it, but we're excited for the pool parties and grill-outs, the travel plans, the longer days and the sunshine. So what's summer's iconic flower? Only that dazzling showstopper the sunflower. Read More about The Flowers Of Early Summer »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on May 20, 2018 Flowers Summer