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Bold Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

                    This year, don't be afraid to give your Thanksgiving guests something bold to look at. No, we at Norfolk Florist don't mean the food; we mean the floral focal point of your table, the centerpiece. It may not seem like the time to take a few decor risks, given that Thanksgiving is one of our most cherished and traditional holidays, but it is. There are so many interpretations of how to do a floral centerpiece now, and one approach we love is a centerpiece series. Read More about Bold Centerpieces for Thanksgiving »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on November 10, 2017 Fall Thanksgiving

Great Gifts for Holiday Hosts

                    Have you been invited to Thanksgiving in someone else's home? A beloved family member or friend, perhaps, who is going to pull off the biggest, feastiest dinner of the year for several lucky guests? If so, you're not alone. Last year, 50 million Americans traveled over hill and dale to gather round someone else's table. And while you may be planning to contribute some stuffing or your signature green bean casserole to the mix, we at Norfolk Florist think you should come bearing flowers as well. And because we aren't totally biased toward flowers, we're suggesting chocolate, too. Read More about Great Gifts for Holiday Hosts »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on November 1, 2017 Fall Flowers Host Gifts Uncategorized

Decorating with Dahlias and Mums

With its dizzying mix of colors and textures, Fall is a decorator's dream. The cooler, shorter days and cozy nights we're starting to get here in Norfolk encourage us to prepare our homes for the season. While you're adding heavier, more luxe fabrics to the couches and tabletops and lining up the scented candles, don't miss the chance to give your floral decor a Fall makeover, too. We at Norfolk Florist highly recommend decorating with dahlias and mums, the "It" flowers of Fall. Read More about Decorating with Dahlias and Mums »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on October 20, 2017 Fall Uncategorized

Distinctive Floral Designs for Fall

Autumn is filled with excitement and anticipation, with color and texture, with sights and sounds. As we move into this new season, we often look to change our home decor along with our wardrobe, to reflect cooler temperatures and warmer gatherings. And nothing transforms your space like the beauty of fresh flowers. If you are looking for the most creative and distinctive floral designs in Norfolk, you will find them at Norfolk Florist. Our floral designers have been hard at work creating arrangements which celebrate the beautiful aesthetic of fall. Read More about Distinctive Floral Designs for Fall »
Posted by Norfolk Florist on September 30, 2017 Fall Floral Design