The Best Flowers for Sweetest Day

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Those in the Midwest know that Sweetest Day is quickly approaching. For nearly 100 years people have celebrated this holiday with their loved ones by giving romantic and fun gifts, such as candy and flowers. As people across the region prepare for this fun holiday, here are some ideas for coming up with the perfect flower arrangement to let those special people in life know how much they are loved.


Roses are a classic flower to represent friendship and love. Yellow roses are traditionally given to show affection and friendship while red symbolizes love. Givers can present their loved ones with a single rose or a bouquet of several roses.

A giver who wants to take the classic symbol of love to the next level might even include an additional romantic gift, such as a teddy bear, along with their beautifully, deep red roses.

What makes roses such a stunning gift is their capacity to look lovely and thoughtful regardless of whether they are placed in a box, a vase, paired with other flowers, or by themselves. The rose is a flower that people tend to adore no matter the circumstances, making it a perfect selection for a holiday like Sweetest Day.

Go bright

Sweetest Day falls in October, when people begin to think about the impending winter, the falling leaves, and the disappearing flowers. The right bouquet for Sweetest Day can help lift everyone’s spirits by incorporating some fabulous colors. Oranges, purples, yellows, and pinks can all help bring a drop of color inside and make fall and winter feel a little less ominous and a bit more welcoming.

Purples and lavenders

Purples and lavenders are wonderful alternatives to the traditional red that seems to dominate the holidays of love. These hues can also be wonderful for communicating passion, love, and beauty. There are also so many different flowers that come in rich shades of purple that a well equipped flower shop can design a stunning, diverse bouquet using this color. Mix in a little white as an accent and the final result is sure to be appreciated by whoever receives it.

Sweetest Day arrives every October to remind people of the importance to let their loved ones know how much they are cared for. Whether someone wants to let their spouse know of their passion after years together or a shy grade school student wants to let their friends know of their appreciation, giving gifts like flowers can be the perfect form of expression. Consider the above ideas and begin planning the perfect arrangement.


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