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WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a FLORAL ADVENTURE! Laurie C., Edmonds, WA
You have a great company and being from Virginia Beach it is very reassuring to know whether I call, purchase online or just drop by to pick up a last minute gift your customer service is outstanding! Thank you Rachael Clouse
Thank you for making our dreams come true. 
Candy, Thank you so much for your patience in picking out these beautiful flowers!
The Mayo Family The Mayo Family
I sent an arrangement to my mother in law. The flowers were fresh and beautiful. Norfolk Florist made the process so easy. I was unsure of what to send and they offered great suggestions (thank you Kim)! Will definitely use them again! Karyn Morris Mercier
I sent my friend a Lovely arrangement of assorted carnations as a get well present. She said they arrived and they were absolutely beautiful and she took a picture of them. I highly recommend this place. Especially when you are out of town and you are ordering you never know what you’re going to get. I was referred to this place by her daughter that lives in Virginia who also has use this place before. Linda Zwifka D'Amaro
I haven't had the chance to visit this location in person, but I was the recipient a beautiful bouquet of roses accompanied with a box of chocolates and a plush teddy bear. It's been 10 days and 10/12 roses are still upright and have blossomed oh so wonderfully. The chocolates, I ate less than half of the chocolates... pretty much if the chocolate contained nuts I tried it.  I would love to have the box of chocolates that indicate the contents of the candy. The plush teddy bear... super soft, great quality and it's cute. I am a firm believer the giver of a bouquet of flowers determines how beautifully your flowers will blossom.  The energy, care, concern, love of the giver... Well my giver must have all the above, or it's just that this location knows how to produce an awesome arrangement. From what I know now, the order was placed and delivered the same day.  The request to have the order delivered by noon was fulfilled. Great customer service and quality... Have fun and enjoy life :) Maria C.
I really saw no flaws. Came on my wife's special day for a bouquet on the andale.  Rico spit hot fire! It was beautiful.  I'm not the flower picker type but I do know when something looks good. They even printed out a personalized card for me and on top of that wrapped the flowers is some fancy paper. Kudos Rickardo S.
I had such an excellent experience at Norfolk florist last Thursday that I felt compelled to write a review. I stopped in without any prior planning and asked for an arrangement to be wrapped and prepared right then. The most helpful woman asked my budget, chose my primary flower with me and then went about making the most beautiful arrangement I have ever received.  The arrangement was perfect for our occasion, conveyed the message that we wished for it to do so, and I couldn't have been happier. Thank you from the East Beach Vet family. Erin S.
A HUGE thank you for the Norfolk florist team for providing my recent wedding with gorgeous floral arrangements for each of my bridesmaids and myself. Julie B. really created the winter wonder bouquets that I always imagined for our special day. I will definitely be spreading the word! Asia Z.
Just over 20 years ago I was on holiday leave from the Navy, visiting with my Aunt in Virginia Beach.  While exploring the nearby area I found Norfolk Florist, went inside, was pleasantly greeted. I asked about sending flowers by phone (online was not an option then). Given a business card and instructed on placing an order. After returning to my command I sent flowers as a 'Thank you' for stay. I still have that business card but online ordering has made the process much easier. Each time my Aunt receives her flowers she takes a picture and sends it to me to let me know how beautiful they are. And, without fail, they often are just as beautiful if not better than the images in their catalog. I can't think of any one place where I have been a customer this long, but their service and customer care make me think that there is 'ONLY' Norfolk Florist. Norfolk Florist has Flower Power! Walter T.
Today, 31 Jan19, I stopped by the Chesapeake location to get my girlfriend some flowers for her birthday.. when I walked into the florist I was greeted and felt very welcomed. The young lady working was very helpful from the second I walked in. She took her time and answered every question that I had. I let a few customers go ahead of me cause I wasn't sure on what I wanted and she was very professional with them as well. When I ordered, she had my bouquet made really fast and she ended up making me a beautiful bouquet of roses and flowers. I wish that every person was as awesome and helpful as Keke. I will definitely do business with Keke and Norfolk Florist again! 5 Stars to Keke! Robert B.
 Dear Norfolk Florist, The flowers were beautiful and were delivered to my wife quite quickly. Thank you! I don’t need to have flowers delivered very often, but when I do, you are my go-to company. Sincerely, Professor Bradley P. Jacob  Regent University School of Law  Professor Bradley P. Jacob