2017 Color of the Year Announced by Pantone


The Pantone Color Institute, known worldwide for its standard color matching systems, annually delivers its top choices for the hottest colors of the upcoming season.  These colors are chosen based upon the latest collections from top fashion designers, and the picks influence not only fashion but home decor, accessories, and wedding planning. Each year, ten colors are chosen as finalists, and ultimately one is chosen as the Color of the Year.  This year’s finalists include colors ranging from the fun-loving neon Pink Yarrow to the romantic pink tones of Pale Dogwood.  And the winner of Color of the Year is… Greenery! This yellow-green shade (similar to chartreuse) takes the top spot due to its versatility and ability to blend with virtually every other color on the list.  Continue reading

Norfolk-Inspired Wedding Proposals

wedding proposals

Approximately 40% of wedding proposals take place between the Thanksgiving holiday and Valentine’s Day – and the bulk of those occur in December. That means that we are entering engagement season – and if you are one of the many people planning a proposal in this season, we’d like to offer some inspiration. Here at Norfolk Florist, we’ve helped thousands of area couples take the journey from “Will you marry me?” to “I do!”  – and we look forward to providing you with our expert advice,  as well as the most beautiful wedding flowers in Norfolk.
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Wedding Accents and Floral Details

wedding accents

Weddings are uniquely personal events – although they generally follow similar customs. There are so many opportunities for a bride and groom to express their style and personality. A wedding at the beach will look very different than a wedding at a cathedral, and all the details – large and small – that go into the preparation help to create that cohesive design. Floral wedding accents are very often used in creating that special ambiance that is all your own. At Norfolk Florist, we have helped hundreds of area couples to see their dream day come to pass, all with the help of stunning florals.
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Metallic Details for your Wedding

metallic details

Some wedding trends come into style for a season, and some fashions seem to get more and more popular as the years go by. Metallic wedding accents represent a trend that seemingly is here to stay. Using these unique details in your bouquets, ceremony flowers or reception decor brings versatility that can beautifully decorate any style of celebration. At Norfolk Florist, we specialize in designing creative florals that showcase your personality and flair.
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Orchid Wedding Floral Designs

orchid wedding floral designs

You have thousands of options when choosing the right wedding florals, but few are as elegant and sophisticated as the orchid. In fact, this bloom is one of the most sought-after flowers for a bride’s special day, and the myriad of varieties in which the bloom occurs lends itself to nearly any event or color palette. When planning your Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads wedding, our experts are dedicated to creating the most exquisite orchid wedding floral designs.

The rare beauty of the orchid transcends its many varieties, but the diversity allows for truly creative designs.  The dendrobium orchid is a more delicate blossom known for its vivid and deep colors which often appear in gradient shades on a single petal. This bridal bouquet features exotic blue to purple dendrobium, blended expertly with romantic white roses and peacock feathers. It is not likely that this bride will ever see another bouquet quite like her spectacular personal bridal flowers. orchid wedding floral design

The cymbidium  is another popular choice for orchid wedding floral designs. The flower presents a large bloom which – although it can be monochromatic – most often exhibits a contrasting colorful pattern in the middle of the blossom. For instance, white cymbidium orchids often have magenta centers, while green cymbidium orchids showcase a maroon to rust-colored center.  With such a range across the color spectrum, these flowers make a beautiful and sophisticated choice for every aspect of your wedding day, from an extravagant  cascading bridal bouquet to a delicate corsage or boutonniere. Featured below are cymbidium and dendrobium orchid corsages side by side. orchid wedding floral design

When it comes to designing exquisitely unique wedding flowers, you cannot do any better than Norfolk Florist‘s experienced team of consultants. With hundreds of Norfolk area bridal events in our portfolio, we have the knowledge and inspiration to help you choose the perfect variety of orchid. Make an appointment, bring your dream photos, and let’s get to work. You deserve the very best, and we promise to deliver.


Creating a Unique Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingIt may seem strange to be speaking about the winter months when we are still deep into the summer season, but for those planning a holiday wedding, the timing is perfect. If your vision is for a Christmas or New Year wedding, there are many details unique to the season that you should consider.
For instance, weddings compete with a host of other holiday parties for venues, caterers and florists. More so than at any other time of the year, couples will have to book early to ensure they get what they need. Venues are often booked immediately upon engagement, but at this point (about six months prior to the day) brides should also be making decisions on other critical elements. This is an excellent time to schedule a consultation with your wedding florist – armed with your vision and venue information, we can get down to settling on a color palette, style of flowers and many other beautiful details.
* Red, green and white is the traditional palette of the holidays; accented by evergreens and metallic accents. But don’t be afraid to experiment with differing shades for a contemporary interpretation – deep magenta or lime green, for instance.
* Some flowers may not be in season in the winter months, so ask the experts at Norfolk Florist to suggest your best choices in your color scheme. Although some brides have specific flowers in mind, a professional designer can suggest equally beautiful alternatives if necessary to stay within budget.
* Play with the unique nature of the season – simulate ice and frost with crystal strands or glass elements illuminated by candlelight. Add warmth with lanterns, and maybe even add a little mistletoe around the venue for romantic effect.
However you envision your winter wonderland, a holiday wedding is a magical and beautiful affair. Don’t delay in calling Norfolk Florist today for your free, personal wedding consultation – because although the beach is calling now, your holiday wedding day will be here before you know it.

You Can Have a Designer Wedding

designer weddingYou can’t stop progress, they say. And although technology and social media have been a great help to streamline many of life’s tasks and chores, we believe that sometimes the traditional ways still make more sense. There will always be times that are just more meaningful and productive with a face-to-face relationship– and when it comes to choosing the flowers for your wedding, this couldn’t be truer. Meeting personally with a professional designer is still the easiest way to guarantee that you are making the best choices based on your dreams, and your budget.

Here at Norfolk Florist, we encourage you to do your research – sites like theknot.com and Pinterest allow you to easily save photographs you love, and gather inspiration pieces from all over the world. But when it comes time for you to make your decisions, nothing can substitute for the knowledge and experience of a professional designer for your wedding. Soliciting for bids doesn’t provide one-on-one contact, doesn’t build a relationship, and doesn’t allow for the florist to learn about the bride’s personality and desires. A skilled consultant can often do far more with a bride’s budget than even she anticipated! Often, the bride is convinced she must have a specific type of flower because she fell in love with a photo; but that bloom may be out of season, or perhaps won’t do well in summer heat. Norfolk Florist’s professionals are like artists, with a depth of knowledge about flowers and unique and creative recommendations to create the perfect bouquet.

Is the vendor with the lowest price going to connect really with the bride’s vision, or will the wedding be just another job for them? Norfolk Florist is dedicated to providing you with artistically designed arrangements that make your dream a reality, while staying within your budget.

Traditional Mother Roles at Your Wedding

mother rolesThere is perhaps no day more steeped in tradition and custom than a wedding day. However, more and more contemporary ceremonies are challenging the way things were always done – both as a result of changing societal norms, and as technology infiltrates even the most customary rituals. As quickly as things are changing, so are the roles of the people involved. The mother-of-the-bride, once “hostess-in-chief”, may feel a bit confused and even left out – so, modern brides and grooms – here are some ways that you can be trendy, but still let Mom have her place in your day.

At one time, the bride’s parents financed the entire wedding, and the bride’s mother was the ultimate hostess of the day. Like anyone planning the event of the season, she consulted with the guest of honor for many things – but as the one paying the bills called many of the shots. With more couples paying for the wedding on their own, or both families pitching in, Moms are still involved, but usually only in those things that the bride requests.

In the past, only the most meddling Moms insisted on planning the bridal shower; a task traditionally left to the bridal party. However, with bridal parties busier than ever and Moms being more connected through social media to all the girls, she often will co-host the event.
The mother-of-the-bride dress was often boring at best and matronly at worst; but today’s brides are allowing Mom to choose dresses that fit their personalities. Keep in mind, moms of both the bride and groom should still consult the bride as to her wishes regarding color and style.

Mom traditionally handled compiling the guest list, mailing invitations and handling the responses. While this can still fall squarely in the realm of a way for a mother to take a burden off her child, its execution has changed – more people are utilizing online tools to send invitations and track responses, dinner options and special requests.

Even though our times have changed, one thing remains timeless – a mother’ love for her child and the very special occasion of that child’s wedding. Another wedding element that has stood the test of time is the inclusion of flowers. From the bride’s procession with her cascading bouquet to the fresh floral accents on the wedding cake – floral arrangements have a huge impact on the beauty of the day. So pick up your mother, and head over to the experts at Norfolk Florists. We’ve helped hundreds of couples with their wedding planning, and it would be our honor to help you.

Norfolk Florist – Strange but True Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThere are many customs, rituals, and traditions associated with your wedding day. From the proposal to the shape of the wedding cake, the origins of these things seem a bit odd in our modern culture. Yet we still embrace the traditions as a treasured part of the celebration. They may be only symbolic now, but at one point in the past these aspects of your wedding were born out of superstition, societal pressure or even survival.

The Proposal – Arranged marriages, having a friend propose, or leaving the branch of a hawthorn bush outside a front door were all accepted methods of a proposal in cultures in the past. Thousands of years ago, the groom simply took the bride he wanted from a neighboring village or rival tribe.
The Bride’s Dress – White gowns – thought to be traditional because they represent purity – actually became popular after Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding. She defied tradition with her choice of white instead of royal silver, and women everywhere picked up the idea. Apparently, we aren’t the only culture that looks to our role models for fashion trends. Prior to this fashion shift, brides simply wore their best dress, whatever the color.
The Bridal Party – In ancient societies prone to war and territorial fighting, the bridal party was actually organized in order to surround and protect the bride from would-be kidnappers who might have less honorable plans for her wedding day. In the same line of thinking, the “best man” was chosen due to his status as the most competent warrior the groom could find; he came in handy should a tribal war break out during the ceremony.
The Tiered Wedding Cake – In old England, guests brought small cakes of bread to the couple instead of gifts; and these were piled up between the bride and groom. If the couple could manage a kiss across the pile of baked goods, the marriage was considered blessed by good luck. The pile of delicious pastry is considered the forerunner to a tiered wedding cake.

In the Victorian era, flowers were rarely selected based on color and style as they are today, Instead, floral bouquets displayed meaningful significance in the language of the flowers themselves. Feelings of fidelity, confidence, passion or purity of heart were evoked through the floral arrangements. Of course, in contemporary weddings, couples are not bound by such things when selecting their flowers, and so are free to create strikingly beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and altar arrangements based solely on preference. When planning your wedding, whether full of tradition or not – call Norfolk Florist to provide the most memorable flowers possible.

Summer Weddings with Norfolk Florists

summer weddingsIf you are planning a summer wedding, now is the time to get those details taken care of! As we move from planning spring weddings into the hotter months, we see popular trends shifting to more vibrant and exciting elements. In 2016, we are expecting pastels to give way to vivid and bright colors and mismatched wildflower bouquets to replace manicured elegance. It’s summer, and the living is easy – and in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, it is one of our favorite times of year. Still, a summer wedding in this part of the country does require some preparation for the weather – temperatures can soar into the upper 80’s, and bright sunlight can wilt both flowers – and guests!


Here are some expert tips to avoid both of the above problems:

summer weddings


Tropics & Deserts: Succulents, tropical blooms and exotic plants have the benefit of being bred in hot, humid places; they are right at home in this type of climate. Often cultivated in greenhouses, orchids are well known to be excellent hot weather bouquet elements. Calla lilies also will look beautiful through the event.


A Rose is a Rose:
Is there anything a rose can’t do? These prolific and popular blossoms are traditional, yet do well in hot weather. However, no matter how hardy a flower may be, it is prudent to prepare for the heat – make sure there is water and shade available to store bouquets during the day to keep them fresh; centerpieces and venue décor should be arranged in containers capable of holding ample water.

summer weddings


Consider the Venue: While we all love the scenery and beauty of an al fresco wedding, keep in mind that beaming sunlight can be quite hot. If your venue doesn’t provide covered areas for your guests, research where there will be shade at the time of your ceremony. Early morning or late evening weddings are guaranteed to be cooler – and of course, the beach is the classic location to ensure a breeze. Decorative coolers filled with cold drinks scattered throughout your venue will also be much appreciated!


We love our Virginia home during all seasons – and if you have chosen to get married over the summer months, Norfolk Florist has hundreds of such weddings in our experience. Call us today for your Norfolk of Virginia Beach wedding – we’ll help you pull off the coolest celebration of the season.