Honor Them With Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day Flowers

There are few days more meaningful on our calendar than Memorial Day, especially in an area so influenced by the military and their families. That is why this day is so much more than just picnics and barbecues – it is a wonderful opportunity to collectively show our gratitude and respect for the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. Norfolk Florist is honored and privileged to help you to choose the perfect Memorial Day flowers to express your emotions and sentiments on May 29.

Did You Know? Memorial Day was originally known as ‘Decoration Day’ , so named because people would decorate the graves of the fallen from the Civil War. The name was changed after World War I as the day grew to include recognition for heroes of all wars. The day was made an official U.S. holiday in 1971.  Continue reading

Vivid Spring Florals for Every Style

spring florals

The best thing about spring flowers is that there is truly something for everyone! No matter someone’s style, preference, or personality – there are spring florals to capture all the beauty and sentiment that you wish to send. And no matter your choice, you can be assured that the experts at Norfolk Florist have picked the freshest in-season flowers to create the exquisite designs you see here, as well as many others. What is your favorite spring vibe?

Not sure what you want? Shop our Spring Favorites collection or give us a call. We’d love to help.   Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gifts: Time & Flowers

Mother's Day gifts

When you look at the polls, the Number One gift given to moms on Mother’s Day is flowers. And although we know how much mom loves receiving flowers – we see the excitement and the appreciation every day – we know that if we asked her, another gift might top her list. Because most moms would love to spend more time with their kids.

This Mother’s Day, we suggest combining these two gifts – spending a day with Mom at a place that is special to her, then giving her a floral arrangement of very special blooms from Norfolk Florist. We think Mom will be thrilled!  Continue reading

Giving Mom the Gift of Flowers on Mother’s Day

gift of flowers

There is no one on earth like your Mom.

And although this role may have been filled by an adoptive mom, a stepmother, or a grandmother, the love they have shown towards us is certainly something to be celebrated. They are our staunchest allies, our loudest cheerleaders, and our best friends. We simply love the opportunity to give them honor – and on May 14, Mother’s Day gives us the chance. Check out Norfolk Florist’s Mother’s Day collection, or give us a call to discuss a beautiful custom arrangement made up of her favorite flowers. But don’t let this day go past without giving her the accolades she deserves. Continue reading

Corsages & Boutonnieres for Spring Events


There are many occasions in the spring that just wouldn’t be the same without flowers! When it comes time for proms or formal dances, Norfolk Florist understands how to design elegant flowers that will add all the class and sophistication that you are looking for.

Make Them Feel Special! In addition to proms, graduation ceremonies and Mother’s Day are two additional spring occasions that call for beautiful corsages! Continue reading

Honoring Awesome Nurses & Teachers


During one week in May, we are given an opportunity to honor two groups of professionals. And although their career paths may look different, they are alike in many ways – not the least of which being that they often don’t get enough credit for what they do. Both teachers and nurses are given a full week of recognition that surrounds one special day; with National Teacher Day taking place on May 9, and National Nurses Day occurring on May 6. (The last day of the week, May 12, is scheduled so as to commemorate Florence Nightengale’s birthday.)

There are so many ways that both teachers and nurses touch our lives, and these holidays give us the opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate them. At Norfolk Florist, you’ll find the beautiful thank you flowers that will brighten the desk or nurse’s station, and remind these special people that their efforts truly matter.  Continue reading

Caring for Indoor Green Plants and Orchids

indoor green plants

Indoor green plants and flowering plants can totally transform the ambiance of a space. Their organic beauty has the power to turn an ordinary room into a natural sanctuary, one which inspires serenity and well-being. We all know that plants are capable of creating an atmosphere that is healthier – they cleanse the air and quite literally make it easier to breathe. We are more productive, more positive, and more peaceful when we are surrounded by indoor green plants. With all they do for us, Norfolk Florist would like to offer these suggestions on how to care for them.

Did You Know? There are over 315,000 species of plants you can grow indoors. Here are a couple of our favorites.  Continue reading

Desktop Florals & Gifts for Administrative Professionals


How do you show your appreciation?

Research proves that the more that a company’s employees are recognized for their dedication to their job, the more motivated they are to be productive and to positively contribute. The results are compelling – team members who are commended for their hard work have higher morale, are less likely to call in sick or use personal days, and more likely to commit to the company over the long term. In other words, your team members become even more valuable assets to your organization when you create a culture of appreciation.

Administrative Professionals Week is a yearly opportunity to officially recognize those whose work is instrumental in the success of your business every day. Norfolk Florist is happy to assist – choose from our collection of floral designs, plants, and gifts to convey your gratitude in just the right way!  Continue reading

Easter Flower Baskets & Floral Design

Easter flower

We have a lot of traditions on Easter. Some wake up early for a sunrise faith-based service, while others head out to the big Easter egg hunt. Many of us will eat chocolate, and many of us will get together for a huge meal that rivals Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Easter in many ways and observe many family customs, but nearly everyone includes flowers. After all, spring flowers represent new life and renewal, the major themes of this holiday. So whether to decorate your front porch or send good wishes to someone across the miles, don’t forget the Easter flower designs and gifts from Norfolk Florist.

Those Poor Bunnies: Americans will eat over 90 million chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday – and an overwhelming 76% of us eat the ears first!  Continue reading

April Daisies for Birthday Celebrations

April daisies

The daisy is one of the most popular flowers in the world. It evokes a feeling of innocence and reminds us of the lazy, carefree days of youth. But there is much more to this cheerful flower than its simple facade. For one thing, the daisy is the official birth flower of April, and so we can expect to soon see bouquets of daisies carrying birthday wishes across Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the rest of Hampton Roads – and what better flower to convey such a happy message?

Norfolk Florist is the best place to call for the freshest April daisies, for birthdays or any other special occasion you may be celebrating!  Continue reading