Inspiration for September Birthday Flowers

September birthday flowers Birthdays happen every day, but when it comes time to honor someone special, you want to find a gift that goes above and beyond. A beautiful floral design delivered to their front door is guaranteed to make their day, but which flowers to choose? This month gives us some gorgeous inspiration in the sapphire (birthstone) and aster (birth flower).  Continue reading

Surprise Them With a Happy Just Because

just because

When Joseph J. Goodwin gave his wife a transistor radio in the 1960’s. and told her the reason was “just because”, he could have no way of knowing that we would still be celebrating that act 50 years later.  It seems that Joseph’s family liked the idea so much, they began to give special gifts to one another for no reason. It eventually caught on in the neighborhood, and soon the community joined in.

Today National Just Because Day is observed on August 27, and presents us with a unique opportunity to do something unexpected – anything we want! So prepare to turn off the alarm clock, close your organizer, and create a day full of spontaneity and fun. Norfolk Florist knows the power of “just because” giving – and we look forward to conspiring with you to make a lot of people smile!  Continue reading

August Recognizes Romance Month

romance month

Love is grand, they say. But some of the most special love stories are made up of small moments in time – spontaneous gestures, quick loves notes, and everyday choices that make life more romantic. If you’re a little out of practice when it comes to romance, August gives you the perfect opportunity to show your sweetheart how much you care – this is National Romance Month!

The experts at Norfolk Florist have been helping hopeless romantics share the love for 70 years, and we look forward to helping you with the beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets that are guaranteed to spark some romance. Where to begin? We recommend roses.  Continue reading

Funeral Flowers to Express Compassion

funeral flowers

At Norfolk Florist, we have many years of experience in assisting our clients in honoring all of life’s events and milestones. Unfortunately, that means sometimes helping you to say farewell to a loved one or close friend. When that is the case, we are always privileged to be the ones to provide the meaningful and beautiful flowers for the memorial service. We know it can be a little overwhelming in the moment to ascertain the right flowers to send, and so wanted to provide a brief guide on purchasing funeral flowers and expressing your sympathy.

Customary Funeral Flowers: Tradition has named the gladiolus bloom as “the flower of remembrance”. These elongated, graceful stems (also known as sword lilies) are said to represent strength of character, faithfulness, and moral integrity. However, most people today do not rely on the gladiolus for their funeral flowers, instead choosing from a variety of other flowers which may more personally reflect the life of their loved one.  Continue reading

Creative Decor for College Dorms

college dorms

It is said that when we drop our kids off on the first day of kindergarten, they cry. But when we drop them off for their first day of college – we do. The reality is that when a student embarks on the adventure that is college life, there is plenty of emotion to go around, not to mention a lot to think about. Moving into the college dorms involves a good amount of planning in order to set up a “home-away-from-home” that will comfortable and conducive to studying. While you are packing up their favorite pillows and photographs, give Norfolk Florist a call. We’ve got the beautiful dorm decor that will be perfect for any student’s space.

Why Plants?  Green plants make the ideal dorm decor for a variety of reasons. Studies show that they promote a feeling of well-being and peace when placed in a room, which is an attribute your student may appreciate. Many of the green plants also clean the air, removing toxins that can cause headaches and drowsiness or affect concentration. Given these facts, a green plant may be a student’s best friend!

college dorms

When deciding which plants are right for college dorms, keep in mind the space considerations. Most first time students have limited real estate on their desk, so compact cubes, small dish gardens and small decorative containers are your best bets. If you have a stylish young adult, perhaps a simply and elegant orchid would be appropriate to grace her desk.

Don’t Forget! If your student will be celebrating a birthday while away from home, we deliver! Don’t let the special day go by without reminding them just how much they are on your mind.

college dorms

While not technically decor, there is another staple of college dorms that cannot be overlooked – lots and lots of snacks! Whether to keep them going through an all-night study session, or to share with new friends on their floor – gourmet gifts and snack baskets will be the most popular gift you can send them. And although the food may not last long, the basket will make the perfect catch-all for supplies, keys, or other necessities.

At Norfolk Florist, we have seen you and your family through many of life’s milestones and rites of passage, and this one is no different. We’d love to help your student – and you – with this exciting transition. Browse our website or stop by today!


Sisters Day Celebrates Family & Friends

sisters day

National Sisters Day, celebrated on the first Sunday in August each year, is fast approaching. If you have a sister, or friends so close they feel like family, you’ll want to mark your calendar and think of some special ways you can show your sister what she means to you. Norfolk Florist is getting ready for National Sisters Day with a wide selection of beautiful arrangements that will show you care. Need something special? We also have an excellent design team ready to create a wonderful gift or arrangement for your sister.

Did You Know? National Friendship Day is celebrated on August 6 as well!
Continue reading

Celebrating July Birthdays with Delphinium

When you think about decorating your home for summer, many varieties of flowers probably come to mind. Anything bright and vibrant adds a bit of fresh air to your space, but this month, the blue delphinium is in the spotlight!  This uniquely beautiful flower is the birth flower of July, and sending it to loved ones celebrating during this month would be a meaningful gesture. The floral experts at Norfolk Florist are always here to help you choose the perfect flowers for your home decor and floral gifts, but we especially love introducing you to new summer flowers like the delphinium.  Continue reading

Butterfly Gardens to Beautify your Yard

Butterfly Gardens

There are few things that make a long, lazy summer afternoon more perfect than to have a few butterflies show up to visit. These delicate creatures are universally welcomed to gardens and backyards. And although at this time of year they may drop by at any time, there are ways that Norfolk Florist can help you to cultivate spaces for these lovely insects to congregate, providing them with a safe haven, and you will hours of peaceful viewing enjoyment.

Native Species: It only stands to reason that native butterflies will be attracted to native flowers – so although butterflies will come to investigate any grouping of bright, nectar-filled flowers, you can guarantee visitors by planting those plants which they most enjoy.  Continue reading

Fourth of July Flowers for the Celebration

Fourth of July Flowers

It is July 4th, and you know what that means! The red, white and blue will be on display across Norfolk, whether worn on a t-shirt or flying from a flagpole! At Norfolk Florist. we are also preparing the red, white and blue for presentation, with beautiful Fourth of July flowers that will add style, spirit, and patriotic flair to your holiday gatherings.

Keep in Mind: Fourth of July flowers are also perfect as hostess gifts if you are headed to someone else’s backyard – or to thank that special veteran or member of the military for their service!  Continue reading

Seasonal Bouquets for Summer Parties

summer parties

Sunshine yellow. Vivid blue. Neon pink. The colors of summer are bright, bold, and vibrant, and reflect the joy and excitement of the season. As daylight lingers and evenings last for hours, we love getting together with friends and family to relax, eat, laugh, and make memories. When planning barbecues, picnics, and dinners for the next few months, don’t forget the seasonal bouquets that will add style, beauty, and fun to your table. You’ll find everything you need for your summer parties at Norfolk FloristContinue reading