Easter Flower Baskets & Floral Design

Easter flower

We have a lot of traditions on Easter. Some wake up early for a sunrise faith-based service, while others head out to the big Easter egg hunt. Many of us will eat chocolate, and many of us will get together for a huge meal that rivals Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Easter in many ways and observe many family customs, but nearly everyone includes flowers. After all, spring flowers represent new life and renewal, the major themes of this holiday. So whether to decorate your front porch or send good wishes to someone across the miles, don’t forget the Easter flower designs and gifts from Norfolk Florist.

Those Poor Bunnies: Americans will eat over 90 million chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday – and an overwhelming 76% of us eat the ears first!  Continue reading

April Daisies for Birthday Celebrations

April daisies

The daisy is one of the most popular flowers in the world. It evokes a feeling of innocence and reminds us of the lazy, carefree days of youth. But there is much more to this cheerful flower than its simple facade. For one thing, the daisy is the official birth flower of April, and so we can expect to soon see bouquets of daisies carrying birthday wishes across Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the rest of Hampton Roads – and what better flower to convey such a happy message?

Norfolk Florist is the best place to call for the freshest April daisies, for birthdays or any other special occasion you may be celebrating!  Continue reading

Awareness for Need for Puppy Adoption

puppy adoption

There are many causes that unite people, many reasons why we come together to work towards a goal. And while there are worthy efforts in all walks of life, few pull on the heart strings of animal lovers more than National Puppy Day, and the cause of increasing puppy adoption. Animal advocate Colleen Paige established the grassroots movement 10 years ago, in a concerted effort to raise awareness regarding puppy mills and commercial breeders flooding an already overcrowded market. In fact, the over-population problem has reached a critical state. Of all the puppies born this year, only 10% will find stable, long-term homes. National Puppy Day hopes to change these puppies lives for the better, with a little help from the humans who love them. Continue reading

Green Flowers and Plants for St. Patrick’s Day

green flowers

St. Patrick’s Day began as a Roman Catholic feast day, honoring the patron saint of Ireland. Although Patrick was not Irish, he was a missionary to the country and beloved among the Irish people. There are many traditions and customs that surround this holiday, but the most obvious of the symbols is the color green – it appears everywhere on March 17th, from green attire to green beer to green decor! If you are looking for the most beautiful florals to adorn your home and office on St. Patrick’s Day, you need only look to Norfolk Florist.

Which flowers are most popular when creating Saint Patrick’s floral designs?  Continue reading

Welcoming Springtime with Flowers

springtimeIf there is one word we can use to define what makes the flowers of springtime so special, it is color!  From royal purple to neon pink, from fiery orange to sunshine yellow – floral designs at this time of year exude a vibrant beauty that reflects the rebirth and renewal of nature herself. All of these vivid hues awaken the artistic imagination of the floral designers at Norfolk Florist and result in stunning bouquets and arrangements. So from spring birthdays to Easter flowers or “just because”,  these gorgeous blooms are the perfect expression of the season

Some of the most popular flowers of springtime include the “bulb” flowers, which include such iconic plants as the tulip, the hyacinth, the daffodil and the crocus. In fact, these flowers are practically synonymous with the spring season and are an ideal way to infuse your home with sunshine and color.    Continue reading

Celebrate International Women’s Day in Your Own Way

international women's day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th, just in time to help kick off Women’s History Month here in the United States. This day is set aside to commemorate all of the accomplishments of women past and present – to applaud the victories and learn from the setbacks. It is a day to look at the contributions of women in the social, economic, societal and political arenas, It is a day meant to inspire unity and solidarity with women across the globe who still fight for basic rights. International Women’s Day is marked by events across the country, as well as in 100 nations around the world. But it is also a day to celebrate the women right here in our own community, and to honor the women working to make Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the rest of Hampton Roads a better place.  Continue reading

Floral Design Day – Meet Pat

floral design day

Nearly 70 years ago, Carl Rittner started his School of Floral Design in Boston. In 1995, National Floral Design Day was instituted in his honor, as recognition for his contribution to the industry. Widely viewed as a visionary and pioneer, Rittner left a legacy that can be felt by all those who work in floral design across the country. On February 28th, we thought that it would be a fitting occasion to introduce you to one of the amazing local floral designers at Norfolk Florist.

We’d like you to meet Patricia – or as we affectionately call her, Pat.  Continue reading

Encouraging Kindness, Generosity & Compassion

kindnessThere is some debate about where Random Act of Kindness Day actually began – some claim Denver, Colorado, while other sources name a young man in New Zealand. However it began, it has become an internationally recognized movement that celebrates the act of showing kindness in small but meaningful ways. In the United States, we observe this day of spreading joy on February 17th.  At Norfolk Florist, we hope to encourage and support you as you dream up creative ways to spread kindness across our area.

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” –Aesop
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Norfolk Weddings Celebrated in February

norfolk weddingsFebruary gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate all things romance. Of course, Valentine’s Day is the iconic holiday for love – but you may be surprised to hear that February is also National Wedding Month. After all, this chilly month is not one of the most chosen for Norfolk area weddings. (June, August, and September sit at the top of that list.) So why have wedding planning experts selected this month to honor weddings? It is all about timing.  Continue reading

Valentine’s Love for Everyone in Your Life


What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? For many it is a day set aside for romance and passion, and certainly, that is true. However, millions of others across the country will actually use the day as an opportunity to tell a wide variety of people that they are greatly loved. Experts tell us that over 60% of us will not only purchase a gift for a sweetheart but also for a family member – and almost a quarter of us will share the love with a friend or coworker. So this Valentine’s Day, who will you celebrate?

Floral Trivia: Red roses are the most popular flower sold on February 14th, with pink and white roses being a distant second and third place. Mixed flowers of other types make up about one-third of Valentine’s Day floral deliveries.  Continue reading